How Does AI Qualification Work?

Quality is a big topic in pharma circles and can hinder progress towards the promises of digital transformation in manufacturing operations. This would solve many headaches from understanding your operational realities to quickly identifying the root causes for deviations and even the predictive capabilities of avoiding downtime. Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises deterministic predictions, recommendations, or classifications which has historically been done through mathematics and statistics, but can be done faster. This ultimately enables data scientists to focus on more pressing issues.

Questions regarding whether your organization can use AI algorithms will be answered, some include:

  • Will the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve the use AI algorithms?
  • Does it follow regulatory guidelines, ALCOA principles, and Quality by Design (QbD) concepts?
  • How can I feel confident in the data and AI processes?

Join this webinar as Toni Manzano and Jordi Guitart discuss why AI algorithms are not only a good idea, but even encouraged by regulating bodies.